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■Hydrogen Water Dispenser

Q. What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is water infused with a rich amount of hydrogen molecules. It is recently gaining much attention from various fields.

Q. How is it different from normal water?

The amount of hydrogen in the water is completely different. Tap water does not contain any hydrogen.
Alkaline water contains 0.05~0.2ppm of hydrogen.
GAURA’s water dispenser is capable of generating more hydrogen dissolved in the water.
Hydrogen water generated with our hydrogen water dispensers has a medium range pH which is very similar to the water content in our bodies and therefore is very easily absorbed by the body.

Q. Is it different from hydrogen water sold at stores?

The amount of hydrogen is different. Hydrogen has the atomic number 1 and is the “smallest atom in the world” and so, it can pass through almost anything.
Therefore, when hydrogen water is placed in a container, the amount of hydrogen continues to decrease.
However, by using a hydrogen water dispenser, you can enjoy freshly made hydrogen water instantly.
GAURA also provides aluminum pouches that allow for storing hydrogen water for a longer time.

Q. How is it different from reduced water?

Reduced water is alkaline water created when water undergoes the process of electrolysis.
Reduced water does not equal hydrogen water, and is alkaline water that has undergone electrolysis.

Q. How much hydrogen water should I drink a day?

Please drink about 1~1.5 liters (2-3 bags of H2Bag).
An adult would normally discharge through sweat, urine etc., about 2.5~3 liters of water in a day. So it is necessary to take in the same amount.
Taking into consideration the amount of water taken in through meals, it would be ideal to drink about 1~1.5liters of water. Drinking about 150~200ml at one time is fine and we recommend you drink frequently.

Q. Can I drink my medicine with hydrogen water?

Yes you can. It will have no effect on your medicine.

Q. Can I heat hydrogen water and use it for hot coffee or teas?

When you heat the water, the hydrogen concentration decreases so we recommend that you drink hydrogen water at a low temperature. If you are not fond of cold water, water at room temperature is fine as well.

Q. Why is the hydrogen concentration high?

Since the dispenser is directly connected to the water supply and you are able to drink freshly made hydrogen water right away, the concentration is high.
Hydrogen in hydrogen water sold in pouches and aluminum cans gradually seeps out as time passes from the time of production to sales, so depending on when you purchase the product, the hydrogen concentration may be lower.

Q. What is the pH level?

The pH of tap water connected to the hydrogen water dispenser is the pH of the hydrogen water.
Average pH of tap water in Tokyo measured in 2013 was 7.6 (6.7~8.3) and within the neutral range.

Q. What is the oxidation reduction potential?

The oxidation reduction potential of the hydrogen water dispenser is about -350mV(millivolts)~-450mV.
Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is a measurement that indicates the degree to which a substance is capable of oxidizing or reducing another substance.

Q. How do you make hydrogen water?

Hydrogen is generated from water by electrolysis. We have 2 types and one type of water dispenser circulates the generated hydrogen many times in the tank to create high concentration hydrogen water, and the other type of water dispenser generated hydrogen by electrolysis right before the nozzle where the hydrogen water is poured.

Q. How long does it take for the hydrogen to seep out?

If you use our specifically designed pouch, as long as you do not shake it, hydrogen is maintained for about 1 week. However, since hydrogen seeps out extremely easily, we recommend you drink it as soon as possible. (If you keep hydrogen water in a plastic bottle, the hydrogen will remain for about 1-2 hours but if you shake it or allow it to be exposed to oxygen, hydrogen will seep out in about 10 minutes.)

Q. If you freeze hydrogen water can you still keep the hydrogen in it?

There is not much difference between liquid and solid state and in both cases, hydrogen will seep out.
If you add tap water ice to hydrogen water, the concentration will decrease so we recommend that you avoid doing this.

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