Why is hydrogen water gaining attention?

水素水、GAURA mini

Water that contains a rich amount of molecular hydrogen is called hydrogen water.

GAURA does not believe providing products are the only aspect of operating a hydrogen water business. Rather, as we want to responsible for what we sell, we continue to verify our products in various ways and have welcomed professional professors to be our academic advisors.

三羽 信比古

Academic Advisor: Nobuhiko NIWA, Ph.D., Honorary Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy, Prefectural University of Hiroshima

【Academic Background】
Graduated from Osaka University, School of Science.
Graduated from Osaka University Graduate School of Science, majored in biological sciences
Tokyo University, Doctor of Pharmacy

【Current Positions】
Chairman, Japan Hydrogen Medical Beauty Society (JHS)
Director, Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association
Representative Director, Medical Hydrogen Research Institute
Director, Japan RF Hyperthermia Association
Director, NPO Anti-Aging Medical Center

【Past Positions】
Trustee, Japan Society for Biomedical Gerontology
Director, Mitsubishi Corporation’s 100% nanotechnology materials subsidiary, Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation
(Approved by the Governor of Hiroshima, external director)
Trustee, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Head of Graduate School of Applied Biological Science, Head of Green Farm Management Center
Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Graduate School, Head of Programs in Biological System Sciences

I also recommend hydrogen water.

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白川 太郎

Taro Shirakawa, President, Tokyo Chuo Medical Clinic
Author of “Terminal Cancer, Don’t Give Up Till the End!”(PHP Institute Inc.)

1983 Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine.
1991 Study abroad at Oxford University School of Medicine.
1995 Respiratory Department lecturer at Oxford University School of Medicine Department.
1999 Assistant Professor at University of Wales School of Medicine, Graduate School of Experimental Medicine Department.
2000 Professor of Medicine at Kyoto University Graduate School.
2008 Opened Universal Clinic at Isahaya city in Nagasaki Prefecture, and served as Director.
2013 Established the Tokyo Chuo Medical Clinic, in Ginza Tokyo, and served as President.

I also recommend hydrogen water.

白川 太郎

Message from the President

With hopes that more people will enjoy hydrogen water in the comfort of their homes and lead a healthy life every day, GAURA proudly presents its hydrogen water servers.

I am Masami Arii, the President of GAURA.

有井 雅己

Since our inception in 1993, we have been focusing our efforts in developing and selling health equipment such as oxygen capsules, to people in selected fields like athletes, and also health aiding equipment to medical institutions. We have also been selling and renting hydrogen water dispensers mainly to sports gyms and medical institutions but recently began developing a household hydrogen water dispenser as a health support product, to reach out to a wider range of consumers.

To ensure the power of hydrogen is fully exhibited, we have continued to test our products over and over and through trial and error have worked on reaching an affordable price range so many people can have access to our products.

And now we have started selling and renting household hydrogen water dispensers. With the feedback we received from facilities that installed our products and households that use our dispensers, we continued to make improvement to our products and are very confident to present them to our customers both in terms of the quality of hydrogen water and its price.

Please enjoy plenty of freshly made hydrogen water any time you want.