GAURA mini

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Tabletop Hydrogen Water Generator
Model that just needs tap water added to the attached tank.

Gaura, the No.1 brand with the most sales and the most installations of business-use hydrogen water dispensers in fitness clubs, has started selling tabletop hydrogen water generators in response to many customer requests.

This is a high concentration hydrogen water generator, and to make cleaning easy, it is equipped with a built-in cleaning function. Using the one-pass method allows the hydrogen concentration to always be stable.

Pouring capacity is 500ml in 30 seconds so pouring hydrogen water is stress-free.

A stylish design that comes in 8 color variations (3 standard colors and 5 optional colors)
・Price of the 5 optional colors has been revised.

Cleaning Function: Every time 30 liters of water is used, the cleaning button starts to flash and notifies you that it’s time to clean the hydrogen water generator. Just press the cleaning button to clean the generator.

Hydrogen concentration: Dual hydrogen method, 1.0ppm dissolved hydrogen + over 2.8% of injected hydrogen.

* You will need to replace the filter once a year with normal use.

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